Serena Travis

the voice of velvet


z0x5lm6mSerena narrates the Bible at the Seven Streams Bible Reading Method podcast. She has narrated several audio books that are available online. Serena developed a love for the audio format as a little girl. She loved to listen to the Bible storyteller Ethel Barrett on records and other stories on cassette tapes. She also loved to act in school and church plays and so the combination of audio and acting naturally led her to pursue voiceover. She partnered with Melissa Disney to start the LA Voiceover Academy in 2015. Serena Travis co-hosted The High Road Show with her husband, Drake, in 2014-2015. They produce family-friendly content at Divine Sign Productions.

Serena received her Bachelors of Arts in Mathematics with a minor in Economics at Lehman College (City University of New York) in the Bronx. Later, she received her Masters of Management and Ministry Administration from New Covenant University in St. Augustine, Florida. Serena received her doctorate in Christian Education from NCU in 2014.

In October 2015, Serena received the Esther Award from Purpose International for leadership.

In addition, Serena publishes books with the imprint Living Stones Publications.