May 28, 2020

Ice Fishing Tent Transforms into an Affordable Portable VO Booth

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My super clever son-in-law, Dante, who loves all things tech and VO, was pondering building out of their closets as a full-time VO studio. His only hesitation was that he really wanted something portable. What to do?

He remembered that a family member had an ice fishing tent tucked away in a corner somewhere and asked to purchase it. He went to work transforming the ice fishing tent into a portable VO booth. The goal was to get the lowest noise floor possible.

One of the challenges with a portable system is finding something that will completely surround the performer and the microphone. Some of the smaller portable units, such as those that surround the microphone and not the performer, can sound somewhat muffled.

Here’s a series of photos and explanations to help you piece together a portable booth that won’t break your budget.

In addition to the tent, Dante used moving blankets. He attached one to the ceiling, one for each wall and one for the floor. To add additional sound dampening, it is possible to add more padding – such as carpet padding. And now for the scientific results!

No sound treatment.
Using an “acoustic can” to dampen room noise
In the Ice Fishing VO Booth with AC
In the Ice Fishing Booth with no AC

Dante’s assessment of the improvement?

It worked out, with no air movement it’s down to 25db, with air on it’s about 29db and all acoustic reverb is gone. The sides and floor I bought 7/16 inch carpet padding then moving blankets over top of them. It takes about 30 minutes to set up and 15 minutes to tear down and move. The foam and moving blankets could be sealed in vacuum seal bags to carry and save space¬†

Here are some products to consider:

Ice Fishing Tent –

Moving Blankets –

Happy VO Fishing!!!

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