In this modern age, we have so many tools and gadgets to simplify our lives. And yet, many of us feel more busy and more behind than ever. How can this be possible with the technology and knowledge base that we have? I’ll be exploring thoughts like these on posts that focus on “A Moment of Serenity.”

There a quite a few things that get in the way of completing our tasks and projects. Interruptions come in all forms – people, meetings, bills, taxes, moving, errands – the list goes on! Time is precious commodity and it’s time to guard your waking hours to get things done.

Here are a few thoughts regarding launching your Season of Completion!

1. Don’t start anything new!

If you have quite a few projects that need your attention, then put all of your great new ideas on hold. As we get older, we realize more and more that it is much easier to start something than to complete something or release responsibility. Also, it’s okay to say “No” to the next person who asks you to help you with something. Learn how to assert your needs to your friends and family, “I would love to help you, but I’m trying to focus on completing some tasks that have been on my plate for a while now.”

Keep in mind your season of life as well. If you have a bunch of young kids to raise, now is not the time to volunteer all over the community. If you have been having a lot of health problems, it’s okay to say “No” until you get better.

2. Insert some humor.

Studies show that if you insert some humor into your day that it will increase motivation and productivity. If you haven’t had a good laugh in a while, then it is high time that you tickle your funny bone! Humor will direct your thoughts into a more positive and creative view point.

Read some funnies from Facebook or Pinterest, but don’t get stuck there. Get enough humor to get inspired to go to step 3.

3. Make a realistic plan for completing your project.

Long before Mary Poppins said it, Aristotle asserted, “Well begun is half done.” Although partial completion is fantastic, we need to take moment to breakdown your larger task and/or project in to smaller steps so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Well begun is half done.

Do you know how mountain climbers climb Mt. Everest? One step at a time. But before, they take their first step, all their weather gear, food, water, and tools are accounted for and assembled to last over the long climb up and down. In other words, the entire plan is laid out before the first step is taken…and then when the plan is implemented, each climber takes one step at a time. Sometimes the steps are long, some are short. Some are joyful, some are painful. And sometimes the focus becomes so narrow that literally the only thing on a climber’s mind is the NEXT step.

Implement the technology that works best for you. Perhaps you think best with pen and paper. That’s great! Draw out your battle plan! Some love to use 3×5 index cards or a white board. If you like to integrate technology in your planning, then I recommend the Evernote app. It’s available on Mac, PC, iPhone, and Android. It’s a great system because you can create projects and connect with others who are helping you complete those projects. It works seamlessly across multiple platforms so you’ll always  have access to your tasks. I’ve been a member of Evernote since 2010 and I have so many things saved there including project ideas.

So to sum it all up, stop, drop, and roll. No, no, no. Stop, LAUGH, and roll with a well-prepared plan and you will be well on your way to having “A Moment of Serenity.”

How about you? What is your secret to getting your tasks done? I’d love to hear from you. Please share in the comments below.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay